​Doug to the Rescue

 Airing June 10th 2021, I am the Creator, Executive Producer, and Series DP of D2R. A Cinemé-verité show following the exploits of an animal rescuer in disaster areas. 

CNN: Race for the Vaccine

A five-team effort spanning multiple countries and shot during the height of the Pandemic. I worked closely with Director Caleb Hellerman as part of the Northeast team.

Frontline: Coronavirus Pandemic

The Cold Open for a Frontline I shot at the beginning of the pandemic in Seattle Washington, documenting the initial Covid case in the US and how the state and US government reacted.

Community App


A Cinema-Verité commercial shoot on a budget! I spent a day following Pinky Cole, the CEO of Slutty Vegan ATL as she went about her day. Showing her using the Community app to help build a loyal following for her brand.

DCU Commercial

A :30s television spot for DCU shot for Director David McLain.


The Ship That Changed The World